Husky Andøy


Rustic wilderness hut

Perfect place for nature lovers, outdoor people and adventurers. Without electricity and without running water you can listen to the calming sounds of the wind and the flowing water in the middle of the Norwegian landscape, escape from your everyday life and go back to the very basics. (In winter we only rent to experienced outdoor people, because Norwegian winters are often very harsh and cold.)


  • 4 beds without blankeds (rent or bring your own blankets or sleeping bags)
  • small kitchen with fire stove to cook on and to heat the room
  • dry toilet
  • candles to light the room for a fee: Sleeping bag rental Wood for the stove
  • fresh spring water from the river (Collect your own fresh water out of the river that flows next to the cabin)

About 500 m away is our husky farm with 22 Alaskan Huskies. In winter, sled rides, snowshoeing or farm visits can take place. In summer it is possible to ride the dog cart, take a hike with the Huskies or view the farm. There are no public buses. The nearest shop is 20 km away in Risøyhamn. Therefore, it is recommended to have a way to transport yourself. Otherwise we also offer transport service for a fee.

There are a variety of great excursion destinations and activities:

  • Whale safari
  • puffin safari
  • reindeer farm
  • hikes (with and without a dog)
  • the historic fishing village of Nyksund
  • boat trip
  • diving
  • Cross-country skiing …

It is advisable to travel with your own vehicle as the routes are very long. Or rent a vehicle. The nearest airport is Andøya, Andenes Airport.

This apartment provides free private parking and private check-in and check-out.

The apartment offers an outdoor fireplace.