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Imprint & GTC

Imprint & General Terms and Conditions

Uwe Baumgärtel- Nygård, Skjoldehamnveien 912, 8484 Risøyhamn, Norge

Represented by: Uwe Baumgärtel


Telephone: +47 406 45 904

E-mail: [email protected]

Org. no. 922148481

Liability for links
Our offer contains links to external websites, on whose contents we have no influence. Therefore, we cannot assume any liability for these external contents. The respective provider or operator of the pages is always responsible for the content of the linked pages. The linked pages were checked for possible legal violations at the time of linking. Illegal contents were not recognizable at the time of linking. However, a permanent control of the contents of the linked pages is not reasonable without concrete evidence of a violation of the law. If we become aware of any infringements, we will remove such links immediately.

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General Terms and Conditions

§ 1 Scope of application

The following general terms and conditions apply to the use of the Husky Andøy Uwe Baumgärtel, Nygård, Skjoldehamnveien 912, 8484 Risøyhamn, Norge offer and to all contracts resulting from this use. Conditions deviating from this are only possible by contract.

§ 2 Written form

The electronic form can replace the written form. Individual agreements that go beyond these GTC must be recorded in writing.

§ 3 Conclusion of contract

The service descriptions of Husky Andøy Uwe Baumgärtel and in all other information media are to be understood merely as an invitation to submit an offer. In addition to the written conclusion of the contract, oral contracts are also fully valid.

With any booking from our offer, the buyer undertakes to transfer the full invoice amount to Husky Andøy Uwe Baumgärtel even in the event of non-redemption, provided that the buyer is responsible for the reason for non-redemption.

§ 4 Prerequisite for participation in programs, health suitability.

The health suitability for the participation in the booked service is presupposed. Therefore, please inform yourself in advance about the minimum health requirements on our homepage. Should there still be any uncertainties in this regard, these must be clarified with us before using the respective service. Should minors take part in a program offered by the company on their own, this requires the consent of their parents or a person with parental authority. The responsibility for supervision remains with this person. A refund of the purchase price in case of non-fulfillment of the minimum requirements is excluded. If a participant has to cancel the program for personal or physical reasons, the program price will not be refunded.

§ 5 Safety instructions

All participants are reminded of the following points for their own safety:

a) Contact with the dogs may only be made in the company of the owners or persons authorized to give instructions. Instructions are to be followed immediately if possible.

b) Boarding, alighting or mounting, on sleds, scooters or carts, may only be done when instructed to do so.

c) If a person is afraid of dogs, this must be communicated to us in advance.

d) We recommend all participants to wear head protection (bicycle helmet, climbing helmet, ski helmet) and protective measures for limbs and skeleton during tours with sleds or carts. On request, our material can be used to a limited extent. A claim to this use does not exist.

e) At the request of the person carrying out the trip, the participant supports him/her according to his/her possibilities.

§ 6 Exclusion of participants

Anyone who disobeys the instructions of the owners or other persons authorized to give instructions and puts people or animals in danger through their behavior can be excluded from the further event after prior warning. A refund of the purchase price is excluded in this case.

In the case of deliberate endangerment of the well-being of humans or animals, a prior warning is not necessary.

§ 7 Liability

The stay on the premises of Husky – Andøy Uwe Baumgärtel is at your own risk. Liability is only accepted for damage caused by gross negligence or intent, unless it is a liability for the violation of cardinal obligations. This also applies to all offered activities that take place off-site, but are carried out by the organizer or his team. Cardinal obligations are those obligations, the fulfillment of which enables the proper execution of the contract in the first place and on whose compliance the contractual partner regularly relies and may rely. Thus, the essential contractual primary obligations. For children, their parents, or persons with corresponding supervisory responsibilities, are liable.

§ 8 Withdrawal of the organizer

All our offers are outdoor or open-air programs, which are generally carried out in all weather conditions. However, if the program cannot be carried out safely according to the organizer’s assessment, we reserve the right to withdraw. In this case we will immediately submit an alternative offer. Should this not be possible for you, we will refund the partial payment for the respective program point that cannot be carried out.

We also reserve the right of withdrawal in case of short-term staff or dog illness.

If one of these cases occurs in advance, Husky Andøy will inform you immediately.

§ 9 Delays in the program

The participant must expect delays in the program due to weather conditions or due to the dogs and accept these without compensation, provided that the resulting waiting times are reasonable.

§ 10 Choice of the means of transport

On excursions with our sled dogs, we decide on the basis of the respective weather whether to travel by sled or wagon. In this regard, there is no decision-making power of the participants.

§ 11 House right

The house right lies beside the owners also with the persons authorized by them to the instruction.

§ 12 Terms of payment

The due invoice amount is to be paid without culpable hesitation.

The following means of payment are accepted:

a) Visa and Mastercard

b) cash payment

c) cash in advance

Possible fees of the selected payment method are not taken over by us.

§ 13 Procurement of external services

Husky Andøy accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for mediated third-party services. Any poor performance must be reported directly to the organizer.

§ 14 Arrival and departure

Please allow sufficient time for arrival and departure. If you arrive too late at the event location through your own fault, we can no longer guarantee that the program will be carried out.

§ 15 Right to the image

By participating in a program item, you automatically agree that any photos or videos taken by us may be used in the media operated by us as well as in press reports. There is the possibility of revoking the consent. This must be recorded in writing.

§ 16 other intellectual property rights

You may not use or modify, in whole or in part, any content or works available or made available on this website without the written permission of Husky Andøy or such third party.

§ 17 Pets

Bringing your own pets to our husky farm is generally permitted. However, for safety reasons we ask for prior consultation. This regulation serves the protection of our dogs as well as your own animals.

§ 18 Data protection

Your address, communication data, type of purchased program and your appointment data are stored in our EDP, so that a fast and error-free processing is guaranteed. The storage, access control and use of the data provided is in accordance with the regulations of the country of Norway. Husky Andøy is entitled to inform you electronically about new offers, changes and life on our husky farm.

§ 19 Right of revocation in the case of distance selling contracts

In the case of a distance contract, you have a right of withdrawal of 14 days.

During this period you can withdraw from the contract without giving any further reasons. To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must notify us of your decision by means of a clear declaration.

To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient that you send the notice of exercise before the deadline.

§ 20 Jurisdiction

Norwegian law shall apply.

§ 21 Entry into force

Husky Andøy’s General Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on the day of their publication.