hiking / skitrekking / snowshoe tour

hiking / skitrekking / snowshoe tour

After arrival we will equip you with belly belts and assign a dog to each of you for a guided walk. The dogs will pull you a little bit on the hike, so you can experience firsthand the power and joy they have in moving. If the weather is fine, we will go into the terrain just behind the farm and walk along a small path we have created, through the high moor towards the mountains up to a small hill. Here we can enjoy the view and have a little break. If the weather is too wet or other impassabilities, we drive with the dogs in the dog trailer to a tractor path, which leads into the mountains or to the coastal path to Sandnes. You will need sturdy shoes for the tour. Since the terrain is very wet, it is advisable to bring a change of clothes (socks and trousers!). We also have a large stock of rubber boots. Please let us know your shoe size, so we can be well prepared. For ski and snowshoe tours we provide the equipment if necessary. Since this equipment and the requirements can be very special, prior consultation is very important. The terrain is chosen according to the weather, snow conditions and the performance profile of the guests.

  • Hiking/skitrekking/snowshoe tour (incl. ski, dog and guiding) 2 h 790,- kr
  • Hiking/skitrekking/snowshoe tour (incl. ski, dog and guiding) 4 h 990,- kr
  • Hiking/skitrekking/snowshoe tour (incl. ski, dog and guiding) 6 h 1.990,- kr