Taiga, Nelson & Diana ❤️


it’s great that you are interested in working as a volunteer on our farm. So that you don’t have any misconceptions about what’s in store for you:

  • there is really, really a lot of work. It starts early in the morning and never really ends.
  • it’s really physically demanding
  • it’s also mentally exhausting, because
    • there is little privacy because you live and eat together.
    • from november on the sun is gone, that can be hard on your mind.
    • I tell it like it is, it is neither the tidiest nor the most organized place, there is dog hair everywhere and you have to react very spontaneously to this or that
    •  you have to deal a lot with dog poop and raw meat. A lot of dog poop, a lot of raw meat.
  • you also have to clean sometimes, for example the guest house
  • sometimes you have to cook
  • shovel snow, if you are lucky, really much snow

But there are also:

  • 28 really magical dogs & one crazy cat
  • Northern lights
  • Snow
  • I would like to mention the dogs again
  • and beautiful nature with mountains and water

We invest about 6 weeks of time in you until you have roughly understood the basics: Which dog gets which harness? How are the dogs harnessed to the sled? When can you sled, when can you scooter? What do the dogs get fed? How is what trained? Why does Sissi complain about the food? Why is it really important that all doors are always closed? Where do I find what (the area is large, the possibilities huge). How are the chickens fed, the garbage properly separated or recycled.

That’s why it’s important for us that you stay longer than 6 weeks, at best 2 to 4 months.

And since the farm is really a bit in the middle of nowhere, it would be good if you had a driver’s license.

You must not be afraid of big dogs (in case you’re wondering, we’ve had that one!), you should be at least reasonably physically fit, appreciate challenges, be mentally stable and able to deal with messes and dog hair, at best you’re a fantastic cook and fluent in several languages.

If that hasn’t put you off, we look forward to hearing from you!