Husky Andøy


The construction of the first two kennel facilities began in late summer 2011, and since then the facilities have been continuously expanded and extended. Since 2016 there are eight kennel facilities with double-walled insulated dog kennels, which are filled with wood shavings bedding. The kennels have a flat roof, because the dogs love to lie on it or jump from kennel to kennel. The roofs of the dog kennels are designed so that they can be opened upwards to allow regular replacement of the wood shavings.

In front of the dog kennels there are spacious wooden terraces for relaxing and resting in the shade. We are constantly building new outdoor enclosures and dog kennels.

huskyfarm visit

We would like to show you our husky farm and inform you about dog sleds, dog carts, the feed kitchen and our Alaskan Huskies. If you like, you have the opportunity to visit and get to know the dogs in the kennels. Our “noses” are looking forward to your visit and many strokes.

Dog keeping on our Huskyfarm

Our huskies live in groups of three to five animals in spacious kennels where the animals can move freely. We say NO to chain keeping! This distinguishes us from many other husky farms. Our huskies are chained only for feeding and before the sleigh rides.

species-appropriate nutrition

We attach great importance to a species-appropriate, healthy and balanced diet for the dogs. They get their food twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. In addition daily water change. In winter, when it freezes too much, we give them a large portion of meat broth in the morning and evening and before every tour.

On the menu you will find a mixture of high quality dried fodder, fresh or cooked meat from elk, reindeer, sheep, chicken, pork, beef and fish and of course vegetables such as carrots, beetroot, apples and various herbs, as well as the addition of rice, eggs and salmon oil.

Our senior citizens also receive a powder of algae and glucosamine as a food supplement to maintain the locomotor system.

all the furry noses:

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